Harrow's best indoor mini golf

Why would you try mini golf?

Okay, we know the main reason you’re coming to Putt Crazy in Harrow is to have a great and fun experience. You might live in the area and are looking for an activity that is interactive. However, we think there are many more reasons why you should try our mini golf courses.

  • Strategic thinking: mini golf trains your brain to think strategically and use the right approach when playing a game. Even if you just want to have a fun night out, we know you secretly want to win too, don’t you? 
  • Patience: it is all about teamwork! If you are playing the game with several people, you have to wait till it is your time to play again. So have patience and enjoy the ride.
  • Bonding: mini golf is such a great game to bond. Whether you laugh together, or support each other when you play a great round, this will definitely help you to become closer to each other.
  • Something for everyone: it doesn’t matter where you are from, if you’re young or older, or even what sort of hobbies you have. Mini golf is a game that anyone can enjoy, so we’re sure you’ll have a great experience.

Our mini golf courses

Putt Crazy is located at 280 Watford Road, in the Northwick Park Playgolf Building in Harrow. It is easy to get there by public transport, as the 182 bus stops nearby. Are you coming by car? We offer free parking spaces, so you don’t have to worry about extra costs for parking. 

When entering Putt Crazy in Harrow, there are different games to choose from. Starting from just £10.95 per adult for a 9-hole game. So… what game are you choosing? Our Màayapáan or Chichén Itza indoor mini golf course? Both have their own special effects and challenging holes. Depending on the amount of people you will play with, it takes around 20 – 30 minutes to finish a course.

Màayapáan Indoor Mini Golf Course in Harrow

Your Instagram friends will love it when you share pictures and videos when playing this game. All your senses will be stimulated with the coolest sounds,the brightest neon lights and the most colourful holes at the Màayapáan. Our favourite hole: the Totemic Totem Forest! This hole has some of the best Mayan features.

Chichén Itza Indoor Mini Golf Course in Harrow

The Maya civilisation originated in Mexico and built the most beautiful, mysterious temples. Our Chichén Itza course is all about the elements of the Mayan culture, taking you back in time. Playful, colourful and a fun game for everyone. Our favourite hole: the Mayan Drums! When your crazy golf ball hits the drums, the party can really start.

Our mini golf experience

Playing mini golf is a fun and popular activity in London. At Putt Crazy we try to make your experience the best as possible with cool music and delicious food and drinks. You are always welcome to order snacks and drinks before, during or after your mini golf game. 

Our Zenzer Bar and Restaurant is open 7 days a week to provide you with delicious drinks and snacks. Choose a pizza to share, like our Veggie Sizzler or Chicken Tikka flavour or go for a delicious burger. The choice is yours!

We believe it is always great to share an experience with your loved ones, friends or even colleagues. We therefore have bookable private areas to cater for your event. Did you know it is possible to hire our full venue (starting from £800) for a party or work event? Please contact us or click here for the options.